Friday, June 4, 2010

Rescue activities suspend in Hunza

HUNZA: Rescue activities have suspended in Hunza due to bad weather here on Friday.

The water outflow from Ataabad Lake spillway is more than 4,100 cusecs. Due to high water level the Karakoram Highway between Gilgit and Hunza has been closed for indefinite period.

Light rain spell continues in Hunza since last night. Due to cloudy weather, army helicopters could not take relief good to affectees of Gilmit and Shishkit.

Authorities tried to start helicopter service from Gilgit to Hunza last day but it had to be suspended due to bad weather.

On the other hand, the water inflow in Ataabad Lake reached to 5,000 cusecs whereas the outflow is 4,100.

The water flow under the Ginesh bridge is 48,00 cusecs, however there is no immediate danger threat.

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