Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Babar Awan grabbed 45 million

Haris Afzal, son of the main character of Haris Steel case,Sheikh Afzal, has alleged Babar Awan of grabbing Rs 45 million from them, to arrange settlement with the judges on case, SAMAA reported on Thursday.

During a press conference arranged at Lahore Press Club, Haris Afzal along with her mother Fariha Afzal and manager Aamir Islam further alleged that NAB investigation officers asked for Rs 250 million for the plea bargain settlement. He also disclosed that they have paid Rs 15 million to Aitzaz Ahsan, as prosecution fee, for our case.

Talking at the same eve Fariha Afzal, wife of Sheikh Afzal, said that his husband is suffering from various kind of illness including Hepatitus, but he has been kept in the dark room. She demanded that his husband should be given A or B class in the prison.

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