Tuesday, June 8, 2010

18th Amendment hearing today

A 17-member larger bench of the Supreme Court hearing of the petitions challenging various clauses of the 18th constitutional amendment resuming today (Tuesday), SAMAA reported.

“The ministers in Pakistan are angels and check and balance is just for judges,” said Justice Ramday in his remarks. When the hearing started under the chairman ship of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Senior Lawyer Hamid Khan in his arguments said that during the making of 1973 constitution, consultation of Chief justice was included in appointing judges. In America Senate have the rights to appoint judges as Presidential system prevails there.

Justice Tariq Pervez said that American President not only confers with Senate for just the appointments of judges but even for the appointing of ministers and ambassadors too.

The federal government bench lawyer in NRO case Kamal Azfar has said that the benefit proved by the National Reconciliation Ordinance cannot be taken back. NRO has become past and any communication with Swiss authorities will be an exercise in futility. NRO has been over with the Supreme Court verdict of July31, 2009.

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