Monday, June 7, 2010

Indian PM admits killing innocent Kashmiris

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh admits loss of innocent kashmiris’ lives and presented talks proposal to anti terrorism groups, during an address in Srinagar on Monday.

Singh, during his address in Srinagar, said that Indo-Pak dialogue can only be meaningful if Islamabad prevents the usage of its land for terrorism.

The act of creating hurdles, in peace providing process in Kashmir, is continued from the other side of border. According to details, he said that we are ready to talk with those kashmiri groups who are against violence and terrorism.

In his address, he admitted that during action against terrorists, innocent citizens also suffer from losses but in any action against terrorists one always must observe and care for human rights.

“India wants to use all resources for the people at both sides of the line of control,” he added.

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