Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gilani for bringing NRO architect to book

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was critical of those who were against the National Reconciliation Ordinance and said no one questioned the creators of the NRO.

He rejected the "campaign" against democracy and said the system was here to stay and get stronger and all such conspiracies would be foiled.

Addressing a large Pakistani community here at a local hotel where he was staying, Gilani said the people of Pakistan have always supported democracy and will continue to do so as they believe that it was the only thing that could provide them relief in the long term.

He said those who tolerated dictators for nine years were now not willing to see the democratic system work, but vowed that conspiracies against democracy will be foiled.

The prime minister said the former president was forced to doff his uniform when he came under pressure from the United States and the European countries. He said all political governments were packed in the name of ending corruption, but no dictator ever managed to eliminate corruption.

Gilani also dismissed those who were critical of the parliament and said it was parliament that restored the Constitution of 1973 in its original form and brought in the 18th amendment showing great political maturity. Gilani said the parliament was not a rubber stamp.

Regarding the energy crisis, he said though there was no quick fix, yet the government was working on short, medium and long term projects to meet the shortfall.

He said there was lots of criticism against the IPPs when they were created by Benazir Bhutto government, but it was these very IPPs that were today providing the much-needed electricity.

PM made it clear that the people, media and international community will never accept any unconstitutional step against the democracy and mentioned that in past too conspiracies were hatched against the democracy.

Gilani said that the judges of the superior court were restored through his executive order. He recalled that it was he who gave the order to release the judges from the jail.

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