Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Protest Against Israeli Brutality

A large number of civil society activists gathered here on Tuesday to register their concern over the assault of Israeli soldiers on the ship taking aid for Palestinians and the terrorist attack on a minority group in Lahore.

The protesters gathered at a median in front of the main Super Market. They were carrying placards and chanted slogans condemning both the incidents. Later, they walked towards National Press Club to join other protestors gathered there to condemn Israeli atrocity. After that, they dispersed peacefully.

 Prominent human right activists and civil society members joined the protest including Tahira Abdullah, Ghazala Minallah, Farzana Bari, Anis Haroon, Nasreen Azhar and Humaira Sharif. Call for protest was made by Awami Jamhoori Forum, Insani Haqooq Ittehad and Women’s Action Forum.

Urging the government to provide protection to its citizens, they said that under the constitution every citizen enjoy equal rights. “Killing one human is like killing the whole humanity,” quoted one placard. Another placard read, “Religion Mixed with Ignorance Leads to Extremism.”

Rejecting both the US and Taliban, they condemned all kinds of terrorism and demanded the Pakistan of Quaid-i-Azam’s dreams. They said that either the government should provide protection to its citizens or it should resign. “We reject religious fanaticism in any form,” they said.

A statement issued by civil society on this occasion condemned the carnage in Lahore in which 85 people were killed. “It was the most horrifying and shameful incident of religious fanaticism and intolerance in the country,” the statement mentioned.

The statement urges government to improve its intelligence and capacity to deal with menace of terrorists and provide protection to its citizens. “We need to reverse the policy of hatred through amending our constitution and introducing new syllabus in educational institutions to inculcate the values of tolerance and respect for diversity.”

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