Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lake overwhelms low-lying areas

HUNZA: The Gilgit-Hunza section of Karakoram Highway will remain open till 4pm with the landslide-created Lake in Ata Abad is persistently bulging owing to the melting glacier thanks to clear weather, Geo News reported Tuesday.

The management opened a portion of Karakoram Highway between Huna and Gilgit till 4pm today with the traffic resumed there and the held up relief caravans are reaching the affected areas with the relief goods.
The clear and sunny weather conditions coupled with the melting glacier conspired to rise the water level, causing the Lake to expedite the overflow.

The overflow and stretch of water is deteriorating the orchards and the crops in the low-lying areas, which have been evacuated in view of imminent lake-propelled flood.

According to management, the situation is wholly under control and being monitored each second.

The entrance into all low-lying areas between Hunza Nagar and Gilgit is still banned.

The rescue work via helicopter is in progress thanks to clear skies and the affectees are being airlifted to the safer places.

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